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Boyne Greenway Drogheda Ramparts to Oldbridge Estate

The Greenway is comprised of two distinct sections. The first section is 1850m in length running along the existing pathway on the Drogheda Ramparts. Works within this area can generally be considered as maintenance works consisting of drainage works, flood-defence wall repairs and surfacing works.

The second section of the scheme runs between the western end of the Drogheda Ramparts through to the entrance of Oldbridge Estate. This entailed the construction of a new greenway consisting of both traditional kerb and pavement type construction and a recycled plastic boardwalk. The junction at Sheephouse Road was reconfigured to give priority for vehicles travelling from Oldbridge Road onto Sheephouse Road. The entrance to Oldbridge Estate was upgraded to provide a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians entering this area.

  • LocationDrogheda, Co. Meath
  • ClientMeath County Council
  • Client's RepresentativeRoughan & O’Donovan

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