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Fuel Hydrant Loop Installation Project - Pier 1 Dublin Airport

This project formed part of the Dublin Airport Fuel Farm Development works. This specialist sub-contract entailed the installation of 1.2km of steel fuel lines around the perimeter of Pier 1 at Dublin Airport. The works were undertaken in a phased manner to ensure that a maximum of 2 Aircraft Parking stands were out of commission at any one time to mitigate any disruption on DAA’s operations. Upon completion, this project will allow for Aircraft to be refuelled via new Fuel pipeline and associated Fuel Hydrants instead of current refuelling trucks operation.

This Project was delivered in multiple works phases and included the following primary elements:

  • • Demolition of 12,000m2 of existing apron pavement along the selected route for New Fuel Line
  • • Installation of 1.2km of Fuel line to depths up to 5m BGL
  • • Provision of all electrical and comms infrastructure including 50 No. F900 ducting chambers
  • • Reinstatement of existing pavement with New PQ Concrete including all dowelled joints and sealing works
  • • Installation of drive and reception pits for pipe jacking works to allow Fuel Line to be installed under the existing Pier 1 terminal
  • LocationDublin Airport
  • ClientFCC Industrial
  • Client's RepresentativeI.C.C. Ingenieros
  • Contract Completed2019

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