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Marlinstown Landfill Capping Works Phase 2

Marlinstown landfill is an unlined landfill facility that commenced waste acceptance in 1963. The facility consists of a filled, unlined cell that was capped in 2005; a civic amenity which closed in December 2006; and a leachate lagoon, a gas flare compound which currently utilises gas from the existing landfill. The site also contains an area of historical landfilling to the west of the former civic amenity site; it is here that much of the proposed works were to be completed. 

The contract consisted of the capping and remediation to the existing legacy landfill which ceased operations in the 1980's.  The new capping works consisted of the installation of 16,000m2 of geo-composite gas collection liners along with a new subsurface gas collection system of 160mm diameter slotted HDPE pipes that was connected to the previously completed Phase 2 works.

  • LocationMullingar, Co. Westmeath
  • ClientWestmeath County Council
  • Client's RepresentativeFehily Timoney & Company

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